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Binance Launches Portal to Keep Track of Crypto Airdrops on its Platform

The airdrop approach is one that Binance believes will be a speedy and efficient way to distribute payments to those on the front lines of the crisis.

Binance's Airdrop Portal (1.1)

Binance has made public the establishment of an Airdrop Portal, which provides users with a summary of the various airdrops sponsored by the cryptocurrency exchange. Because of this brand-new endeavor, the Binance community can now stay current on the most recent developments involving airdrops.

Aside from being a one-stop shop for airdrop information, the Binance Airdrop Portal also offers exhaustive details on all of the tokens currently supported by the Portal. The Airdrop Period, Snapshot Time, Token Status, & Mode of Operation are among the details that are currently available.

Even though Binance promises to consistently update the Airdrop Portal, the platform already has a sizeable collection of tokens eligible to be distributed as airdrops.

The announcement of the Binance Airdrop Portal came shortly after the earthquake struck Turkey.

Right on the heels of the announcement that the exchange would provide airdrop help to earthquake victims in Turkey is the launch of the dedicated Binance Airdrop Site. In a blog post published (1) on February 7th, Binance committed to donating one hundred dollars' worth of BNB tokens to the troubled Middle Eastern nation.

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and chief executive officer of Binance, provided some commentary on the corrective development, stating:

"The recent earthquakes that have struck Turkey have had a terrible effect on many individuals and towns. Our efforts will be able to provide some measure of relief to those who have been impacted. In addition, we are calling our contemporaries in the industry, asking them to once more band together and lend their support during this difficult time."

According to the exchange, to determine whether applications are acceptable for usage, it would be necessary to investigate the Proof of Address (POA) submissions that were submitted in the 10 cities that were impacted. Binance also stated that the POAs that would be considered are those made before February 6th.

Binance stated that the POA technique had inherent limitations but also admitted that it was the best access method for locating affected customers.

In addition, the exchange speculated that the overall value of the contributions would be close to 5 million US dollars, equivalent to 94 million Turkish lira (TRY). Also, it was stated in the statement that Binance Charity had established a public contribution address.

Donations to the Emergency Earthquake Appeal can be made in a variety of digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Binance Coin, amongst others (BNB). Donations would be distributed equally between NGOs in Turkey screened by the government and other important humanitarian organizations working on the ground.

Several groups operating within the cryptocurrency ecosystem have also expressed their intention to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey. On February 6th, for instance, Bitget made public their intention to donate 53,000 dollars and one million Turkish lira to the cause.

A Boon for those Affected In a Natural Calamity

The airdrop approach is one that Binance believes will be a speedy and efficient way to distribute payments to those on the front lines of the crisis. The platform believed that victims of natural catastrophes frequently lose access to traditional banking, which results in a lack of finances necessary for recovery.

Cryptographic transfers, on the other hand, have experienced a rise in popularity in recent years as a means of delivering cash relief to victims of natural disasters.