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What are NFT domains? Why is it the future of online identity?

NFT domains enabled the development of a single identity that can be carried across all platforms with data integration managed by us rather than the platform, which is why it is the future of online identity!

What are NFT domains

The centralized ecosystem is packed with fragmented online identities. Why?

Since the content you upload on one ID cannot be migrated to another platform. The entire space is full of walled gardens where a single online identity does not exist because it would make the platform transparent, safe, and outside the platform's control.

The current system does not provide you control over what happens on your profile unless you go into legal issues or other similar situations where it shows you are the profile owner and that they have no authority over the upload.

Every platform you log in to on today's online space uses the same login process, resulting in fragmented user IDs. A single user has multiple personalities contingent on the platform, and how you are on Tinder is certainly not how you represent LinkedIn.

When you log in to any app, you just give your personal information in return for access, and then you continue the setup process and establish your platform reputation from the ground up. Furthermore, when you log in via email, you have no control over the data they use.

Since your activities, connections, communities, and work-life constantly evolve, your identity has the right to be dynamic. For a tailored experience, your identity should be the same across all platforms.

You can now build a single online identity and say goodbye to walled gardens and disconnected experiences thanks to Web3 and Web3 Domains. Most significantly, you may now manage how and with whom your data is shared.

This would result in a much better, more transparent, safe, and trustworthy ecosystem, something we cannot anticipate with web2. But how do Web3 domains help us develop a unified online identity? Well, Before we get there, let's talk about NFT domains.

What are NFT domains?

NFT domains are human-readable addresses that substitute complex 42-character-long blockchain addresses integrating into a wallet, website, or other blockchain-based feature. It is powered by smart contracts, ensuring that each NFT Domain is distinct.

NFT domains the future of online identity NFT domains contain the key to your self-sovereign identity, allowing you to determine what data is shared and integrated with apps. Your unique username allows you to incorporate both Web2 and Web3 applications easily.

You can store all your information in your NFT domain, linked to your wallet and profile, establishing a universal profile with all your online reputations.

So no more registering 100+ usernames and passwords for every app and service you use since your NFT domain allows you to take your community, relationships, achievements, and reputation in one universal online identity wherever you go.

You must buy NFT domains on and manage the name by correlating your information. All fields will be visible once you enter the NFT domain settings on and simply incorporate the relevant fields. NFT Domain allows you to opt-in to share off-chain and on-chain information, such as email addresses, social media links, website URLs, etc., to facilitate connections and allow other users to identify you.

NFT Domains and the entire decentralized technology are still in the early phases of development. Buying one today is your passport to being the first to the party and creating a more advanced portfolio, which may be a rewarding investment in your future.

Mint now and unlock your identity with NFT Domain!