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Get your Ticket to the Future of the Internet with Web3 Domains from

As a new platform for buying and selling NFT domains, Quik helps break down obstacles to innovation on Web 3.0. screen grab (1.1)

Web 3.0, or the "decentralized web," is expanding rapidly and becoming more user-friendly. The expansion of NFT domains in this decentralized network is fascinating. The Internet, as we see it right now, will change very soon. is here to help you to get a front-row seat to this future of the Internet with the facility to buy and sell web3 domains.

Domains in the blockchain are collections of smart contracts running on a public blockchain and providing an additional layer of functionality, flexibility, and security. They are unique in this respect and should not be confused with other domains.

Blockchains with NFTs have existed ever since the inception of cryptocurrencies, but they didn't have a lot of options until smart contracts came up. Yet, with the advent of smart contacts and the ability to deduce intricate linkages, the prospects for advancement in crypto are brighter than ever.

While traditional domains paved the way for Web 2.0 by replacing IP addresses with web portals, they were cumbersome and difficult to navigate, limiting their service. Domain names have gotten less imaginative over time, and the advent of promises to alter that. Facilitating your Web3 Domain hopes that by facilitating the minting of NFT domains on its platform, the NFT industry can foster more innovation.

Blockchain users can use numerous functionalities and advantages thanks to the public ledger on which web3 domain names are registered. They can hasten the arrival of ground-breaking concepts that will power the Internet's next iteration.

Starting in March of 2022, has provided its services through several NFT-based domain names, including:












Get your NFT dot com from by following these simple steps:

  • Use's search function to locate the desired top-level domain.
  • Find the appropriate NFT domain name by searching on the platform.
  • A "Mint" button will appear next to the search bar if the same item is still unrestricted.
  • You can trigger a message to your electronic wallet by clicking the Mint button.
  • Just add the funds from the transaction to your electronic wallet.

Your digital wallet will be updated to include the NFT domain and any other cryptos or NFTs you own as soon as the transaction is completed on the blockchain. It's as easy as that.

It safeguards a crucial component of Web 3.0 while also giving consumers complete control over the NFT domain. These NFT domain names can be listed for sale or purchase and traded for other domains on the marketplace.

Why should you choose to register your NFT domain?

There are many ways in which NFT domains excel over conventional domains.

  • Anybody can create a website on a public ledger using only the NFT, as domain names are not centrally managed. It's possible to build a website-based app and use it to make purchases with any digital wallet.
  • A blockchain domain is a lifetime purchase that will never require renewal fees.
  • Using your NFT domain name as a cryptocurrency wallet address will make them easier to remember.
  • NFT Domains are censorship-free so that no one can take them down!

Quik aims to improve the NFT domain exchange, including security, usability, openness, and confidentiality. As a new platform for buying and selling NFT domains, Quik helps break down obstacles to innovation on Web 3.0.

Quick! Sign up at so you can be a part of the future of the web!