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New CEO of YouYube is an Avid Supporter of Web3 Tech like NFTs and Metaverse

The newly appointed CEO of YouTube disclosed the previous year that the company was investigating several possibilities for integrating the developing Web3 technology.

Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, is an avid supporter of web 3 technologies and has, over time, advocated for NFTs and the Metaverse. Mohan was appointed to the position after Susan Wojcicki, the business's previous CEO, stated that she was resigning from her position as CEO after nine years of service to the company.

Apart from her current role as CEO, she has held various other positions and contributed to developing the international online video-sharing and social networks platform that the company owns.

While announcing her departure from YouTube to embark on a new chapter that will include "personal pursuits," Wojcicki presented (1) Mohan as the company's new CEO. She also mentioned the newly-appointed CEO's role in contributing to the expansion of YouTube during its existence.

Neal Mohan's Career at Google

As per the posting on the site, Mohan began his career at Google by acquiring DoubleClick, and in 2015, he was promoted to Chief Product Officer at YouTube.

In addition, the current leader established a group dedicated to improving the user experience (UX) and had a big role in introducing several of the company's most successful products.

Mohan was involved in launching several YouTube features, including YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Shorts. Wokcicki praised the newly appointed CEO of YouTube as "a tremendous leader" who has been a loyal supporter of the firm for many years.

The newly appointed CEO of YouTube disclosed the previous year that the company was investigating several possibilities for integrating the developing Web3 technology.

The chief product officer noted in the blog post published in February 2022 that the company might take advantage of the metaverse and other techs, such as NFTs or unique digital tokens.

Mohan brought up the possibility of more immersive viewing experiences on YpuTube. This may begin with incorporating the metaverse into games, resulting in "more interactions" within games and giving the impression that they are more alive.

He wrote the following, noting that web3 makes additional chances available to creators:

Emerging technologies such as blockchain and NFTs can allow creators to develop more meaningful interactions with their respective audiences. Thanks to their alliance, they will be able to work together on new initiatives and make money in ways that were not before conceivable.

For instance, providing a mechanism for fans to possess one-of-a-kind movies, photographs, works of art, and even perspectives from their fav creators might be an enticing idea for creators and their viewers.

Google's Web3 Tech

Even if the new CEO of YouTube stated a year ago that the metaverse is still developing, the company's parent corporation has been steadily integrating Web3 services. In October 2022, the world's largest technology company publicized an online node engine service.

The business also mentioned that the new Blockchain node engine is intended for Ethereum programmers and projects. Soon after the launch, Google announced it would expand its Blockchain Node Engine to support the Solana Blockchain.

In related news, YouTube has recently introduced its Creator Monetization Platform, which enables content producers to earn money from their work. The new function will only be accessible to individuals participating in the YouTube Partner Program in the United States.