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What is BC Game? How to play and win? Explained

BC Game is a free-to-play card game where you go room to room collecting cards and creating decks!

BC Game is a free-to-play card game where you go room to room collecting cards and creating decks!


In BC Game, the more powerful the deck, the better the chances of winning. You can also battle other players with your deck by entering Arena mode. Build your deck and play for free today!

The first thing you need to know about BC Game is that it's a game of skill. You can be good at math or science, but if you're able to pay attention and think logically, then BC Game should be easy for you.

The goal of this game is simple: get rid of all the cards in your hand by placing them face-down on the table. To do this, players must bet money on themselves or others before they begin playing (the amount being wagered depends on how badly they want their opponents dead). This can be done by betting coins and chips; coins are used as currency, while chips represent real-world currency like dollars or pounds sterling (GBP).

Once everyone has placed their bets—and anytime during gameplay if necessary—the first round begins! Players take turns drawing cards from their own hands until someone wins all eight card faces up at once; whoever does so gets paid according to how many corner points were covered with those cards (for example, four corners means $4).

BC Game is a free-to-play card game where you go from room to room.

In BC Game, you go room to room with a deck of cards. Each card in your hand has a different ability, and they're used to affect different aspects of the game. For example, one card might let you search another player's discard pile for up to three items (and then return them), while another allows you to steal an item from one opponent's discard pile and give it back to yourself.

Several different rooms make up this game:

  • The Core Room is where all actions happen during gameplay (like moving around or taking actions). It also contains some special abilities that only work when used here!
  • The Event Room - Events happen at random intervals throughout gameplay—you don't always know what will happen next! If there's an event happening when someone goes into this room, though... well, then watch out!

Collecting cards and creating decks!

Collecting cards is the best part of the BC Game. You can play the game, collect cards, or do both!

You can collect cards by playing the game and earning them as prizes for doing well in tournaments or events. You can also purchase packs from the shop to get more specific sets of cards like "Black Lotus" or "MtG: Rise of Ravnica."

If you don't want to pay for packs but still want some great new gameplay elements, then trading with other players might be what you need! You'll find that many people love this game and would love to trade their precious collection with yours!

You'll also have access to our deck builder tool, where players can build their custom decks using all sorts of combinations of different kinds (and amounts) of each type (or number) of each color/subtype - blue creatures vs. red creatures vs. white creatures vs. black creature, etc. This tool allows users to create whatever kind they'd like, whether large or small scale but will always allow them access when needed to help build something bigger than they could ever imagine being able.

The more powerful the deck, the better the chances of

When you play BC Game, you can get a higher rank and win more battles by using stronger decks. You'll also get more rewards.


  • Entering into Arena mode.
  • Winning battles.

We are entering into Arena mode.

To enter Arena mode, you must first have completed the tutorial.

Once in Arena mode, you will see several stats on your screen:

  • Your current level and experience
  • The amount of gold (in gold) earned during this session
  • A bar that indicates how many rounds are left until your current round ends (if any) and how much time is remaining on it

Build your deck and play for free today!

Play in arena mode, where you can build your powerful deck. Battle other players and earn coins to buy card packs that will help you build even better decks. Collect cards from the Arena to create a unique collection only available there!


We hope you enjoyed reading about BC Game! If you loved it and want to try out the game, head to Playstore or App Store and search BC Game. You can download it right away! Start playing here.