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Reserve Bank of San Francisco Looking for a Developer for its CBDC R&D Endeavour

As part of its efforts to investigate the costs and benefits associated with CBDCs, the San Francisco Fed has recently advertised a job opening for a CBDC developer on its LinkedIn Page.

Photo by Jared Erondu / Unsplash

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking for software engineers to assist in developing a central bank digital currency. As part of its efforts to investigate the costs and benefits associated with CBDCs, the San Francisco Fed has recently advertised a job opening for a CBDC developer.

The material indicates that the necessary software developer would conduct research and design the centralized digital currency.

In the LinkedIn post (1), the opening is a job offering for a "senior application developer - digital currency." The following is an excerpt from the post:

"The Federal Reserve System is looking for a systems engineer to undertake r & d on central bank digital currency as a part of the Reserve's mission to encourage attainable, safe, and efficient systems to enable dollar transactions," says the posting.

The job advertisement mentioned that a supporting CBDC is required because the US dollar plays a crucial part in the global economy.  

CBDC Developer Job Opportunity in San Francisco

The job description provides additional insight into the significance of the CBDC developer role, highlighting its centrality to moving the financial "needle." The primary tasks include the creation of innovative systems that are related to CBDCs as well as the identification of opportunities to improve current systems and processes that are metric-based.

In addition, the San Francisco Federal Reserve is looking for a CBDC developer that can identify areas for improvement and reduce potential hazards. The developer will offer guidance for the platform's or product's operations.

According to the advertisement for the position, the senior application developer would work directly with management and cross-functional teams and collaborate closely with other developers.

This individual would be paid a starting salary between $110,300 to $176,300 and based out of San Francisco, California.

The fact that approximately 45 people expressed interest in the job listing within the first 24 hours after it was posted indicates eagerness. In addition, the advertised position is one of three job openings initially posted on the Federal Reserve System Jobs platform at the beginning of February.

The federal bank is looking for a senior application developer and a Lead Application Developer to fill one of their open positions.

CBDC Global Development

Tokenized versions of a nation's existing fiat currency are known as CBDCs. Because of this, even though CBDCs are digital currencies and use blockchain technology, they are still considered "centralized" and are managed by a central bank.

The value of these digital currencies is pegged to the value of currencies issued by governments, making them comparable to stablecoins.

CBDCs are gaining much traction in the conventional financial system worldwide, and several of the world's central banks are considering implementing their versions.

The Atlantic Council, a think tank based in the United States, reports that many countries are now in various stages of CBDC development. For example, pilot programs for CBDCs are being conducted in seventeen countries, including China and Russia.

Governments of 33 other nations, including the United States and Japan, are working to create a digital currency backed by their central banks. On Friday last week, Japan announced that the country's CBDC pilot program would begin in April.